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“More time, more results.”

Eliminate grocery bills, save time, and achieve your best self!


The Food

  • Chef created + dietician inspired

  • Calorie specific for your body type

  • Dairy, grain, and added-sugar free

  • Taste great, reheat easily, prepared fresh



The Fitness

  • Workout for only 40 minutes, 3x/ week

  • Low impact, different every day, uplifting community

  • If you can walk, you can do this!

  • Guided + supervised by a professional trainer

Body Lab works because it’s not a “diet”.

It’s not a quick fix, it’s not even a weight-loss program (but 96% of members lose weight).  We’ve paired the right foods, with supervised and effective exercise to bring you monumental transformation.

Decades of research by experts (dietitians, doctors, exercise physiologist) under one roof!  Research states that for optimal fat loss, combining food + fitness is key. Now there’s a simpler way to all the noise. Big changes are always hard, that’s why our guided process takes the guesswork out of what to eat, and how-to workout with the goal of getting you back to what matters most to you.

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The Science

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Calories properly used.

  • Total calorie intake is customized around your body, your life based on scientific equations.

  • No empty calories from sugar, re-associating with your brain on food cravings.

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Wholesome meals. Not rice and chicken.

  • 5-star restaurant quality meals. Not boring combinations of starch, protein, and vegetables like the competition.  

  • Ideal amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for high energy levels & fat loss.

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Train on medical grade equipment.

  • Body Lab’s strength equipment uses a unique patented technology that engage muscles through the entire range of motion more effectively than traditional gym equipment, achieving better results.

  • Body Lab’s unique guided cardiovascular process is as simple as walking up a hill of sand; focusing on incline more than speed.  Everyday focuses on a different interval training system, keeping you engaged, challenging yourself, and continually achieving new records.

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Enjoy more time, more results.

  • No more wasted time in the grocery store + kitchen.  Say goodbye to frustrating planning and shopping for meals and embrace our calorie specific program.

  • Trade dirty dishes, cooking, and messy countertops for our convenient, ready to eat delicious meals.

  • Forget feeling lost or embarrassed in the gym.  Our trainers, guided process, and uplifting community helps you achieve more results.